1. sexychoking:

    This looks like fun.

  2. sexychoking:

    maybe I should start another blog for shibari

  3. sexychoking:

    more pierced nipples!

  4. sexychoking:

    I need to do this to a girl at some point.

  5. sexychoking:

    I’ve always though shoulder freckles were hot.

  6. sexychoking:

    Redheads are just the sexiest. Especially when they can’t breathe.

  7. sexychoking:

    4000 followers? you sick fucks.

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  8. dirtydescent:

    this is for someone who is a naughty little schoolgirl kitty. you know who you are.

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  9. joysofservice:

    Rescued for Anal Services (Pic #8) Source: